Users want to find a work-friendly place with fast, reliable Wi-Fi

In the last few years, more and more people have been working on the go - on business trips, between meetings or working from home, or they simply don't have an office. It shouldn't be hard to find a great spot to work with fast, reliable Wi-Fi. For 90% of my survey participants fast, reliable Wi-Fi was the most important criterion for their work place search. Based on this key finding, work-friendly places with fast Verizon Fios Internet should be especially highlighted throughout the app.

Survey reveals how people find a work-friendly place outside the home or office

The survey was held between October 25-31, 2015, and includes 22 participants, who were acquired through social media. The survey followed the qualitative survey model from Respondents were asked to comment on what happens before, during and after they searched for a work-friendly place outside the home or office. This process reveals insight about the needs and actual behavior of users. The survey produced three major discoveries: 90% of the users were looking for fast Wi-Fi and more than 50% of the users were using 3 different applications to find a work-friendly place, most of them complained about the quality of search results and would like to have the option to see more detailed information about the Wi-Fi quality, outlets and noise level.


Big opportunity for "coffee shop"

To discover what could be used to drive traffic to my app, I used Google’s keyword planner tool, which shows how often users search for particular search terms, and what degree of competition there is to reach these users.
I found "coffee shop" – with 18,140 monthly searches and low competition. Compared to the other search terms it seemed like a great opportunity.

Competitors are only built for iPhone devices

The competitors’ applications are only built for iPhone devices and do not really have the option to tailor the search results or see enough details about the location.
 The user can't see information about the quality of the Wi-Fi. An Android app where you can easily find work-friendly places tailored to your search request and with easy access to places with fast reliable Internet would be a tremendous opportunity for a great app.

Developing the strategy

Focus on finding fast, reliable Internet locations quickly and easily

From my initial research I knew what problem set I was going to address, but I still needed to develop a strategy for demonstrating value, building traffic, and how it was going to be monetized. This was an iterative activity that was focused on quick evolution of ideas.


Usability is a high-level goal for the application, and so several rounds of prototypes were created to run usability tests. The first prototype was a raw paper-based prototype on which I tested my initial assumptions. After applying lessons learned from the first prototype, I quickly iterated and built a more refined interactive prototype to run a second usability test.

Making it real


Through the case study, I have discovered some really valuable insights on how people search for a work-friendly space outside the home or office. Most of the users were looking for fast, reliable Internet, and used three different apps to find a work-friendly place suitable to their needs and complained about unspecific search results. By building an app where the user was able to set filters, receive tailored search results and detailed information about the location, the process of searching for a work-friendly space was much more enjoyable.