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I am definitely a coffee lover and if you want me to get creative and be a happy designer then buy me a cup of pure jo(e)y. Did you know that New Yorkers consume 7 times the amount of coffee than the citizens of any other US city? I have lived in New York for more than 6 years, maybe that's the reason why I'm so addicted.

- First discovered by a herd of goats!
- There are about 50 different types of coffee!
- WR: A man drank 82 cups of coffee in 7 hours!


user research, user stories, task analysis, user flows, wireframes, high fidelity mockups, high fidelity prototypes, visual design

sketching with notebook and marker | Balsamiq, Omni Graffle, Axure, Invision | Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign | HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP | Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal


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    Tara HoranTestimonials Angela BenoitTestimonials Laurie PersonnetTestimonial Ina Bohse
  • I cannot recommend Monique Hoppe's services enough! Monique recently designed the new website for my translation business and I was absolutely thrilled with the result. (I had found her based on the excellent testimonial of another translator.) Not only is Monique an expert web designer in a technical sense, she is also extremely creative, knowledgeable efficient and personable. She has a fantastic eye for colour and detail, is full of great ideas and most of all is just so incredibly nice to work with! I wish her all the very best with her future projects.
    Tara Horan
    Tara's Translations | English Legal & Commercial Translation Services
  • I had the pleasure of working with Monique for my first professional website and couldn't be happier with the results. She cares deeply about her clients. Her mastery of both aesthetic and technical design translates to beautiful websites with great functionality. I recommend her to anyone who asks me where my website came from!
    Angela Benoit
    Angela Benoit | French Translation & Copywriting
  • I have worked together with Monique Hoppe for three years at the German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Monique is creative, focused, and well-organized. She is great at implementing her own vision and ideas without crossing boundaries of the company’s corporate identity. She knows well how to prioritize projects and how to manage deadlines. From a personal perspective, it is very enjoyable working with Monique who is friendly, sociable, and open-minded. She will be a valuable asset for any organization.
    Anne Voss
    German American Chamber of Commerce
  • Monique's patience, care, acute attention to detail, and superb technical skill turned my website into a gem.
    Laurie Personnet
    Frontieres Coaching
  • I met Monique while working as a translator at the German American Chamber of Commerce in New York. Since then, Monique has had a fundamental impact on my professional and personal life. She was also responsible for the creation of the logo and corporate appearance of my personal business, Sandy Jones Translations. She is a highly creative and skilled individual and brings the personal touch as well as a unique feel for her clients' demands to the table. The logo she designed for me is all me and 100% what I was looking for, and I am very happy with it.
    Sandra Jones
    Sandy Jones Translations
  • I have successfully worked together with Monique on various projects. When working with Monique, any client can be sure that she'll give 100%. She is very involved with any project right from the start, and quickly implements her own ideas. I value her creative and professional approach in particular. I look forward to realizing many more projects with Monique and I am certain that these will be just as successful as the projects we completed in the past.


User Experience Design

At its core, User Experience Design is about people, about the user. It’s about truly getting to know the target group, whether they are stakeholders or end users.
The more I know about someone’s digital preferences and behaviors, the better I’ll be able to design for them. For that reason, I try to do as much research as possible and that's why testing and the evaluation of the "finished product" is important for me.

Research & Analysis1

Research & Analysis



Design 3


Implementation & Evaluation4

Implementation & Evaluation

Case Study

Mobile application to find a work-friendly place

In the last few years, more and more people have been working on the go - on business trips, between meetings or working from home, or they simply don't have an office.
It shouldn't be hard to find a great spot to work with fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

I am available for freelance work and would love to hear about your projects!

Lets meet and talk +1 (347) 450-5608

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